Jumat, 03 September 2010

Leaning Tower of Pisa

ROME (SINDO) - The leaning towers of Pisa in Rome, Italy, was declared safe to visit the turis.Menara who became one of the wonders of the world that has been declared stable for the next 300 years.

Stability of the tower of Pisa is the first time in 800 years the tower was stopped moving. "Prediction of us have been realized and the tower can rest at least until 300 years from now," said the Italian engineers and geologists Professor Michele Jamiolkowski yesterday. The tower is currently located in the slope of the original position, after a few scientists managed to justify his position.

The tower is predicted to have excess slope of up to 40 cm.Correction tower project lasted from 1991 to 2001. Slope monitoring project was to cost $ 40 million (worth Rp372, 5 billion). The team had been working for about 12 years to stop the tilt of the tower. The researchers examined the degree of excess levels of the slope that occurred at the Tower of Pisa.

To fix the position of the slope, scientists could take back the building in perlahan.Mereka also inject liquid cement into the ground to strengthen the base of the tower so that the slope is located in the same position since the tower was built.

In 1990, the leaning tower was closed for public consumption because of its slope progressively from year to year. Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the cathedral. Actually, the tower was made to stand vertically like a tower bell in general.

However, began to list shortly after its construction began in August 1173. Height of this tower is 55.86 meters from the lowest ground level and 56.70 m from the ground surface beneath the wall tertinggi.Kelebaran reached the peak of 4.09 meters and 2.48 meter.Bobotnya estimated at 14 500 tonnes. Tower of Pisa has 294 stairs.

Kamis, 02 September 2010

Unique Umbrellas

12 unique high-tech umbrellas. Do you like this?
Lets see!

1. The Bumpbrella
Inflatable umbrella that uses a pump so you will not be damaged when collide with another umbrella.

2. MY Day electronic Paper umbrella

You can install a digital photo as wallpaper / images on your umbrella and you replace them at will.
3. Pileus Umbrella
Is a futuristic umbrella that have WiFi internet connection, camera, GPS, Digital Compass, 3D maps and navigation of this umbrella as a monitor screen can berpungsi even allow us to share your photos in a variety of social networking sites.

4. The Motorized Umbrella

Umbrella that can open and close automatically with the switch mounted berpungsi as a remote control.

5. The WetMat Umbrella

Umbrella that can come up with a beautiful pattern when wet and the pattern will disappear again when dry.
6. The Oto-Shigure Umbrella
Umbrellas that have a function as an audio system speakers.

7. The Senz Umbrella

Aero dimanis umbrella that will protect you from rain and 70 mph wind.

8. The EasyWalk Umbrella Torch

Equipped with an LED flashlight umbrella at the end of the handle to run on rainy at night.

9. Color-Changing Umbrella
Umbrella that will issue a rainbow effect (colors) when wet.

10. Phasing LED Umbrella

Umbrella with LED decoration that was running under the stars.

11. The Apsara Solar Umbrella

Umbrella that can absorb sunlight and memancarkannya back in the dark.

12. LightDrops Umbrella

Umbrella that uses energy from rain drops and turns it into electricity which will turn on LED on the surface of the umbrella.


Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

Hajj Manasik

This Photo from srudent of KPS Junior High School.

Hajj manasik activity was conducted on April 30, 2010 until May 1, 2010. Hajj manasik is one of the retrieval test score religious practices of Islam to KPS Junior High School ninth grade.Hajj manasik is performed in the Embarkasi, Batakan, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.Activities undertaken during this pilgrimage manasik among others Thawaf, Sa'i, Tahalul, etc.All students of men and women who follow Islamic religious activity, except for students who are sick.For female students who follow this activity shall use a white Muslim dress, while male students shall wear ihram during activities conducted. This activity begins when the evening until late at night, so that all students must stay awake for these events run smoothly. These activities during the second day running smoothly. So that the closure of the activities are done more quickly with the previous plan.
Thank You. ^ ^

KPS Junior High School Balikpapan

National Exam KPS Junior High School achieve one hundred percent.

BALIKPAPAN - Overflowing happiness felt by 91 students of class IX KPS Junior High School because they did not think that all pass the National Exam (UN). Not feel fatigue and frustration they felt during the test phase just disappears as a result of graduation.
"Alhamdulillah God, I graduated," shouted one Rachmat KPS Junior High School students who direct all of a sudden prostration of gratitude on the filthy floor of the former being trampled by his friends. Seeing this Rachmat sudden prostration, without warning the others also prostrate because the students did not think could get the results which we are proud of this because so far they feel about the UN was so difficult to answer.
No less touching is the student who was so hysterical tears between them, with happy sobs. Some are even so hysterical caper to and fro to express his feelings. "These results prove to us that perseverance and strong motivation to form the an achievement," said Headmaster KPS Junior High School, Sugeng Handayani to Post Metro when found in KPS Junior High School yesterday.
According Sugeng these results indicate that private schools do not actually lose performance and quality with state schools, as evidenced in this UN KPS Junior High School achieve one hundred percent graduation with honors won by getting the highest average value of 32.79

Source : Kaltim Post